Get comfortable and stay a while. Our efforts are focused on reentering women, survivors of sexual violence
and their children in a holistic and nurturing environment.
Our goal at Sylvester House is to provide wraparound services that foster self transformation, one woman, child, family and community at a time; resulting in a reduction in recidivism and enriching lives of families in the communities in which we live.

our vision

The Sylvester House Enterprise exists to provide a transitional home and wraparound supportive services to assist women making their reentry into society after periods of incarceration and sexual violence survivors, to help them acquire the skills necessary for independent and productive lives, and to strengthen the community by reducing recidivism and promoting responsible citizenship.


June Reed Founder

June Reed is a native of Chicago, mother, author and businesswoman. June is a survivor of sexual violence and homelessness who is deeply committed to the belief that no matter the circumstances, all women are capable of reinvention. Born on Chicago’s South side, she has deep roots in the community, and an acute awareness of the challenges that so many community residents face. Having successfully overcome many of the same challenges herself, she now seeks to use her experience to benefit others. Inspired by the work of Susan Burton and the A New Way of Life program, where she has received training, June has made it her goal to establish a program that will not only benefit re-entering women but also survivors of sexual violence in the short term, and also strengthen whole families and communities, breaking the pattern of recidivism and despair that has afflicted so many lives.

Dr. Kathleen Mars Cummings

Director of Mental Health Services

Mariama Langley

Director of Reentry Resources

William Penn

Project Manager

Kyana Miles

Board Treasurer

Natalia Rodriguez

Board Secretary

Marian Dampier